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Green IT Solutions
Network Design & Planning

For custom-designed and proper network planning, contact ALIS Consulting Services at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 312.386.7860.

Initial design and proper planning are crucial elements for high performance networks and IT infrastructure. To ensure technology achievement and survivability, our client's needs and end goals are top priorities. It is our job to listen to what your business is looking to accomplish right now, as well as in the future, and provide the best solution. We provide innovative networking services to help clients build high-performance businesses. A range of market offerings, each backed by proven assets and experienced networking personnel, enable organizations to successfully navigate the phases of network evolution and to enjoy the fruits of each phase.

Each client solution is custom designed specifically to enhance your IT network performance, both initially as well as long term, while minimizing costs. We plan for operation and maintenance of the network while adhering to the technical details of performance criteria, whether it is from a client-managed network or a fully outsourced IT network. We are committed to serving the individual needs of our customers by planning an IT strategy that will enhance performance and reduce costs while also securing and managing their information.


Strategic Planning & Guidance

Our services are designed to compliment your business from every angle. We provide assistance and training to increase the knowledge and ability of your IT department, while also being on-hand to help in any way necessary.


  • Site Assessment and Inventory
  • Proactive Service
  • Management and Status Reporting
  • Best Practice Process
  • Automation of Tasks and Reliability of Execution


  • Reliability of IT systems
  • Security of Operational Process and Data
  • Consistency of Network Nodes
  • Productivity
  • Cost Management and Control
  • Performance
  • Managed Expansion and Growth


Server Install and Maintenance

ALIS Consulting offers installation and maintenance of Microsoft Windows Servers. We make sure all servers and company data is secure.

Data centers have become increasingly complex and costly to run. This is a result of mergers and acquisitions, decentralization and increased departmental autonomy. Our data center rationalization solution reduces cost and complexity while creating infrastructures able to support business-critical processes and applications required for a high-performance business.

We look at all aspects of an organization's data center footprint and infrastructure to ensure that greater productivity, business growth and agility can be achieved. The resulting solution focuses on cost reduction, improved efficiency, increased security and network scalability to support new business capabilities.


Data Cabling

We provide data cabling services that are customized to fit your needs. From the initial planning phases, we assist clients in the best solutions for their cabling needs, with minimal interruptions to current business. While our installation process is done in a way to prevent/minimize any future issues, we are on-hand for any troubleshooting or concerns that do arise.