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Network Security

To secure your network with ALIS Consulting Services, contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 312.386.7860.

Our security professionals understand the security needs critical for data management and loss prevention with every high-performance business. Security management is different for all situations, and businesses can have different network security requirements. We leverage strong industry knowledge to secure the extended enterprise through integrated solutions that meet the distinctive needs of your company, both with initial and ongoing protection. Not only do we secure your network, but we also oversee and protect the operations being done.

Extended Enterprise Security:

  • Identity and Access Management Services
  • Secure Mail and Content Management Services
  • Securing the Mobile Workforce
  • Securing Web Services
  • Server Rationalization Solutions
  • Integrated Security Architectures Solution

Operational Excellence:

  • Managed Security Solutions
  • Privacy and Compliance Assurance Services
  • Security Standards Benchmarking Services

Risk Management:

  • Ensuring Business Continuity
  • Enterprise Risk Assessment Services

Security Transformation:

  • Managing the Enterprise Security Architecture


Network Audit

Review your technology infrastructure with our Network Health Assessment. New clients can gather information from the network and equipment itself to examine the strengths and weaknesses of their network. Existing clients can use the information gathered to get an overall picture of their network's current state. By assessing poor performance or areas of improvement and estimating the impact of changes and additions on the network system, both sound financial and organization decisions can be made. Conducting regular network check-ups will allow you to prioritize all of the ways you can maintain and improve your technology infrastructure.


  • Receive expert analysis and recommendations for improvement
  • Determine the root of the problem in poor performance
  • Insight into the use of applications on the network and improve their response time
  • Detect any capacity issues contributing to the network's current state
  • Reduce the troubleshooting time to repair damages
  • Determine the voice and video readiness of networks systems
  • Develop acceptable use policies for applications
  • Meet auditing and compliance regulations
  • Better investment decisions based on real network visibility