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this spirit is not only strong

When you're on family holidays, Turkey's warm temperatures along with the enormous range of activities available can leave you with quite a thirst. So why not try one of these traditional Turkish tipples below. With alcoholic beverages for the adults to enjoy Réplique Ray Ban Lunettes de soleil pas cher, and plenty of non-alcoholic options for the kids, there is something for everyone to wet their whistle with.

For the Adults - Ihlamur

Raki is something you are bound to come across on your family holidays. Turkey's national drink, this spirit is not only strong, but incredibly tasty. Made from grapes, the spirit is flavoured with aniseed and often served alongside fish or mezze dishes as an appetiser. It can be drunk neat, or poured over cold water and ice depending on whether the children have been put to bed yet or not. This is certainly a drink which captures the Turkish spirit.

Apricot juice, known as 'kayisi suyu' is not only delicious tasting, but it is also very rehydrating. A pleasant change from the orange or apple juice the kids are used to drinking at home, a glass of apricot juice will not only quench their thirst but expand their tastes when it comes to fruits. After a long day in the hot sun on your family holidays, Turkey's large and delicious apricots have never tasted better than they do in a glass over plenty of ice.

For the Adults - Raki

For the Kids - Ayran

For the Adults - Turkish Coffee

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Though Turkish coffee uses the same coffee beans as any other variation of coffee, the difference is in the method of production. If you need a shot of caffeine on your family holidays, Turkey's way of making coffee will ensure that you get it. It is prepared by boiling roasted coffee beans that have been ground into a fine powder in a 'cezve' (or pot) of water; the coffee is then poured into a cup complete with sugar and the dregs, which then settle. This method of production results in a very dark, strong cup of coffee with a beautifully sweet aftertaste.

So, if you've worked up quite a thirst on your family holidays, Turkey's traditional beverages are just the thing to cool you down and rehydrate you. With something for everyone to enjoy, you will never be stuck for something to drink in Turkey.

Ayran is a salty, yoghurt-based drink that is particularly good for rehydration due to its high water content. Though the sound of this drink may not instantly appeal to the kids, when they see a tankard of Ayran with its frothy head over-spilling, they will more than likely want to have a taste. Often flavoured with ingredients such as mint or cucumber, Ayran is not only good for the digestive system, but tastes delicious Réplique Ray Ban Lunettes de soleil.

Ihlamur is a herbal tea, which is more commonly known as linden flower tea. Made from the dried leaves of lime flowers, the tea is renowned for its healing properties, and is often used to cure maladies such as upset stomachs, nerves, or coughs and colds. So if you feel slightly queasy as you get used to the different foods you're eating, or you're feeling uncomfortable about the flight home, this is just the drink for you. Perfect for keeping you healthy and balanced while you're on your family holidays Fake Oakley, Turkey's finest herbal tea is not only useful, but also very pleasant and sweet tasting.

For the Kids - Apricot Juice

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