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If you want to try another European device

In the 1970's, the drip method was introduced. This was fast and cheap and made the coffee taste much better. The grounds were placed in a plastic container inside a filter and the boiling water would drip through to produce a whole pot of coffee.

The percolator used to be amongst the only variety of coffee makers in years gone by. Housewives would watch water heat up and rise through a small tube and over a basket of coffee grounds.

Work With Your Floor Plan and Use an Accurate Compass As you read through the following recommendations, it may be easier to do so with an accurate floor plan of you home or office in front of you. You can divide the floor plan using the traditional 9-Box Grid method or the 8-Spoked Wheel method preferred by many Hong Kong masters. Whether using the Grid or Pie method, mark each sector with the appropriate compass direction, and then fill in the recommendations.If you do not own a traditional lou pan (feng shui compass), any good compass will do that has ALL 360º clearly indicated. (Avoid compasses with degrees in 2º or 5º increments, or that just have the letters of the directions.

Simply add frothy milk to create a cappuccino or a latte. Play with your espresso maker to create all kinds of drinks.

Take a whirl with a new method of coffee making today!

One of the oldest methods to make coffee is the Ibrik from Turkey. The Ibrik is made of either brass or copper and has a handle and spout. You first boil water in it and then add the grounds. The coffee grounds are added without filtration. Very strong!

Espresso makers became all the fashion in the 1990's when European culture meshed with American ingenuity to create a great machine. The cost was lowered by the taste was still great. This machine forces hot water through the ground dark roast and in a short time you have a lovely espresso drink.

Coffee Makers For Different Times

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It was fun to watch, but the coffee wasn't very good. Running boiling water over coffee grounds over and over can make your coffee less than perfect.

If you want a coffee making method that is great to be used at a dinner party for your guests than you can try the vacuum brewer. A vacuum brewer uses either glass or metal bowls. They are put on top of each other. When they are heated this will cause water to rise into the top bowl. Take away the heat and allow the liquid to cool off thus creating a vacuum. This will pull the hot water through the coffee grounds in the bottom.

The pod is a more recent method to make coffee. Pods use internal spouts to pour the hot water in a consistent method over the pod of ground coffee at about 200F or 93C for a great cup.

If you want to try another European device, than you can by a French plunger. This is a metal rod that is positioned inside a glass cylinder with a handle. There is a filter that also fits inside. You simply put the coffee grounds in the cylinder and pour through boiling water. Press down on the plunger and you'll have the perfect brew.

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