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Primary School 50 classroom Double tables squeezed
overstaffed students,18-year-old guy driving without a license the downtown Lianzhuang 6 people escaped from, the teacher had since purchased headsets and speakers,The hypoglycemia man fell off a subway platform in, so that the rear of the students when they heard the sound of their own lectures. Teachers since the purchase of PA equipment so that students can be heard yesterday, off Shaw Primary School in Fengxiang County, through the classroom windows, reporters for the first year of the five classes were observed and found that each of the classrooms are packed full to the brim ", there serious overstaffing phenomenon. 4 demo desks are placed in the first grade three classes small classroom,jordan, horizontal, vertical desks placed almost top of the back wall in the classroom, leaving only a gap of a bench. In order to save space ", two desks in the middle of the classroom and with five pupils crowded classes; near more crowded classrooms on both sides of the desk, the original three students sitting 2 people in the small desks. The reporter of the classroom and sat 87 students. Classroom,chaussures de foot, a female teacher wearing a headset and toting a megaphone to students lectures. Relatively large due to the number of students, mutual interference,abercrombie pas cher, in order to solve the problem the rear of students can not hear the teacher lectures, many teachers privately purchased amplifying equipment to ensure that the students can hear their own voice. The school intends to use a grade 5 class into six East Commissioner Shaw Elementary School,abercrombie, founded in 1997, is a full-time elementary school, and in 2005 was named the Shaanxi Provincial Demonstration Primary School understand. Currently the school has more than 2,600 students in six grade 37 classes. Schools had in accordance with standard construction to accommodate 1,200 students,air jordan, but more than half of the number of students exceeds the design capacity. Each class are varying degrees Taipan amount condition exists, especially this year,louboutin pas cher, prominent recruit a grade 5 class Over phenomenon plan each class only recruit 50 enrollment of children are district-wide, plus the town children of migrant workers in our schools can only bite the bullet and enrollment. "Taipan amount status of school principals Ma Haijiao look of helplessness. "These days, schools are gradually teaching aids room things freed up to grade 6 classes,モンクレール ダウン,Welders 3 months invested nearly five thousand dollars welding a simple aircraft, change the grade five classes to six classes, so that the children in class on the loose more." Reporters saw at the school gate several of the parents to pick up their kids,louboutin, "Ms. Lee said her girls are freshmen this year, think of the children to school close to home and good shuttle. "When I first heard about the class doll,abercrombie france, children not in the school district up where school Looking forward to school and then cover the big point, the children do not have a few people crowded into a school desk in class." Department of Education funding new primary schools to ease the Taipan amount Fengxiang County Department of Education Education Unit Xue Zhao said, due to the sharp increase in the number of county development and migrant, several primary schools do exist Taipan amount phenomenon, but trying to devise methods to create conditions in the county,jordan, not because of the lack of classrooms and let students drop out of school. "The County Board of Education in north county funding and then build a primary school, the currently pressure shunt toward new schools in three primary school students." It is understood that the main city of Fengxiang County resident population had reached 200,mulberry sale,000, however,abercrombie france, the main city primary school only 3, far failed to meet the Enrollment blowout ". According to the investigation by the reporter, in addition to Shaw Elementary School exists the phenomenon of Taipan amount Taipan additional, two primary schools in the county also exist to varying degrees. The reporter Zhao Hangwen / Figure

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