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The following is an effort to explain the science which has been extrapolated from the clinical application of BioResonance Scanning. The ultimate purpose of BRS is to identify specific frequencies of incoherence Cheap San Diego Padres, from any source Wholesale New Orleans Saints Jersey, in the tissue (pathology) and identify the corrective remedy or modality that will ultimately restore global coherence in the patient. An important point is that BRS utilizes a novel understanding of testing the body that does not rely on measuring the body's reactions to frequencies Cheap Tennessee Titans Jersey, as in electro-dermal screening devices (a problem since the more degenerative the condition, the less reliable the reactivity of the organism), nor does it rely on meridian testing.

Dry skin needs regular massage, gentle cleansing and a lot of oil and moisture. You should use neutral-PH products to wash your face. Do not use antibacterial soap too often as it removes too much oil and therefore makes the skin even more dry. Avoid washing sodas and powders which are high in alkaline and drying ingredients. It is also important that you touch your face skin gently.

Another important thing is to moisten the air in your bedroom. Moisten the air by keeping a glass of water in your room. In winter place it near the heater, in summer you can put it in front the fan, or on the table if you use air-conditioning.

Unlike the many computer dermal testing device which essentially challenge the patient's body with a rapid fire of single frequencies of pathologies, BRS can be used in frequency-sentences to obtain very specific information about the body. An example of a frequency sentence would be to essentially form the following question, "Of all of the different organs and glands that are malfunctioning in any way at any time of the night or day and in any neurological posture, which organ or gland is the worst?"BRS performed approximately 22 times faster in determining its findings than the EDS test did. BRS required only 2 1/2 minutes to achieve the same results which were then verified by the EDS system.

The problem with dry skin is that a low level of serum might cause premature aging and sensitivity. This type of skin often has a parched look because of its inability to retain moisture. Dry skin feels irritated and uncomfortable after washing if you did not use any moisturizers and skin creams. Dryness is also worsen by wind, air-conditioning and extreme temperatures which all cause the skin to feel tight, chap and flake. How should you take care of your dry skin?

After a shower or a bath apply a little of baby oil. Before going to bed apply moisturizing cream. Remember to do it daily, as only daily car can give you good results. Do not forget to moisturize your skin after cleansing to prevent drying out. Use cosmetics (facial oil or liquid moisturizer) that consist only natural ingredients.

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