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taxi drivers are just in the nearby KTV
's house just drink over." followed by onlookers called the police,ポロシャツ, onlookers found perpetrators front to deal with another auxiliary police officer familiar with the traffic accident, the auxiliary police officer also help perpetrators to The number of the Auxiliary Police unloaded,moncler, packed in a pants pocket. Miss Liu to the hospital, the perpetrators secretly ran. Afterwards Xinghua City traffic police brigade investigation has found that,doudoune moncler, in Xinghua Public Security Bureau does not have such an Auxiliary Police. "Auxiliary police" drunken reverse cycling hit people things have been in the past 10 days or so,mulberry handbags sale, Miss Liu injuries should not have weight, and now no longer any serious problem. She told reporters that it was the evening of November 8, 9 o'clock,ルイヴィトン, he came home from work. Electric car ride from south to north, went to prepare for the bridge, "opposite came a burst of big motorcycles roar," Shortly thereafter, Ms. Liu is an anti-Road motorcycle knocked to the ground. "Throw a few somersault, left hand could not move," Ms. Liu was terrified. Master Xu,ラルフローレン, taxi drivers are just in the nearby KTV, waiting for passengers, he also witnessed the accident after, motorcycle anti-lane, fast,moncler pas cher, the electric car was pushed to the ground,louboutin, turning several times, I bumped ran to help them. "Ms. Liu did not expect is that the driver of the motorcycle accident at this time, you want from the ground up,air jordan femme, stumbling is stand rather close, Miss Lau found, he covered exudes a pungent alcohol. Careful Master Xu found the motorcycle driver wearing the clothes of the Auxiliary Police, his mouth muttering: "I just returned from our captain home drinking over." To see the accident occurred, a large crowd gathered, someone called the police. Before long, the traffic police over taxi driver the Master Xu found a detail, an auxiliary police seems to be familiar with the perpetrators, "he said how it is, how you also help the perpetrators to the chest of the Auxiliary Police No. unloaded, loaded into his pants pocket. "Miss Liu was subsequently sent to Xinghua City People's Hospital for treatment, the this accident man calls himself named Chen Guanjun, and to pay the costs of the of Miss Liu pre-treatment in the hospital. In the hospital, the traffic police collected blood samples against responsible parties. I did not expect, Chen Guanjun secretly in the night to leave the hospital, leaving the cell phone number immediately turns off. Police said: such an auxiliary police reporter then find Xinghua City traffic police brigade, Cai said the police officer handling the case, the perpetrators indeed named Chen Guanjun, who lives in the fishing town,louboutin pas cher, Xinghua,air jordan pas cher, Xinghua City Public Security Bureau not check to such an Auxiliary. Survey,ポロラルフローレン, they found, Chen Guanjun once because gambling is left in the public security organs conviction. Although found in Chen Guanjun the seat, because it has been for many years did not go home, did not immediately catch Chen Guanjun. Xinghua City traffic police brigade vice captain Zhao Ming told reporters that the number of the Auxiliary Police various departments when purchasing clothing itself, it is a bit confusing. Chen Guanjun body "320 399" number, and certainly does not belong to any department of the Public Security Bureau of Xinghua. Zhao Ming Chen Guanjun blood sample test results now out, identified as drunk driving, has been wanted by the public security organs to the suspected crime of dangerous driving. □ trainee reporter Wu Wenfeng

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