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and later they speak slowly and clearly
​​pork was an accident recalled the experience of a year ago when graduate pork guy, Shi Yuedi said it was just an accident: "I study industrial design was not very interested in selling pork,mercurial vapor pas cher, just try holding mentality voted a resume. Shiyue Di said the group recruit graduate students to take the "sheep" management are not the same, so each person's path of development. Shiyue Di chose to start from the grassroots, she found the pig project is a key project of the Food Group,moncler femme, is the highlight of the entire pork sales to how to split a pig and she began to "pork file to the gold medal Killer learning. 5:00 to get up every day to practice hard pork file two hours, and then go back to work. "that more than two months of the day is really particularly hard. But only from the grassroots level, to do things in order to have emboldened. I dare say now, on the grass-roots experience,abercrombie france, than anybody else when I! "Shiyue Di smiled and said to the reporter questioning attitude many people hold on the" Graduate pork guys "Shi Yuedi expressed quite understand." Before I did not dare tell his family,abercrombie pas cher, and later they speak slowly and clearly, are very supportive of I. Six months of work with "soldiers" 500 South China University of specialized polymer materials ZENG Xian pass the entry is less than six months, it became the manager of the Guangzhou area, now more than 500 "soldiers" Shoudi Xia from the General Staff to the Region manager, Zeng Xian-pass only spent less than six months Why promoted so fast looked very shy: "opportunities. The the Guangzhou regional manager post has been empty, just my performance,doudoune moncler femme, the company let me do the (regional manager). "According to the Group's head of human resources, had 30 graduate recruit 16 assigned to a subsidiary of the Group's franchise pork fact, only 14 really is the butcher professional 14 graduate students have learned each different, the food professional Coban graduation only a proven professional counterparts do not affect their professional work. 14 recruits graduate in May last year, only one left, the other 13 people each responsible for a regional market, became the backbone of the middle management. Mr Chan said, "the chairman of the Group, and then paying jobs Graduate, does not really want them to sell pork." Real intention was to reserve personnel to fill the manager level positions in the expanding industry. "This year, do not recruit graduate students to sell pork these graduate recruits has been a whole year, the future they have any plans " My classmates annual salary is high, the work of some of the central enterprises,mercurial, very decent. Class reunion, but every time I think I'm the happiest. Perhaps looking for a job and find her husband,abercrombie, only the most suitable, not the best. "Shiyue Di and she had the same idea when assistant general manager Zhang:" It is difficult to find a business willing to give newly recruited a rookie so many chance. I was very satisfied with the work now, and likely will continue their work. "This year,air jordan femme, the company should no longer be open recruitment of graduate students to pork, our idea was to use existing personnel training. "For the personnel training program, Mr Chan looked very solemn, years ago, re-set positions for this group of graduate students,chaussures de foot, the past few days and gave them divided area of ​​responsibility, to develop Jockey competitive system. Chen Shengjiang tune sell pork This traditional industry needs highly qualified personnel to improve grades,air jordan, "but we will not blindly reserve personnel. Next an appropriate time, we will recruit graduate students to sell pork. Nanfang Daily reporter Tan Yifang intern Sun Ruohan


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