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o In both the West and in the North

7. Hook It on a Handbag Caddy. Ladies will love this hook designed to keep their handbags off the floor. It's a new and improved version of a style from days gone by. And it keeps pickpockets at bay, so ladies can enjoy a stress-free meal. Price is $34.50.

2. Toys for Boys. A 1935 Dusenberg under the Christmas tree is sure to bring a smile to the face of any car enthusiast, even if it is a die-cast metal reproduction. These are popular for boys of all ages, as a desk objet for men or as bedroom décor for young boys. Prices start at $40.

6. Wrap It Up. Vintage napkins, tea towels, crocheted doilies can take the place of wrapping paper for small gifts. Secured with a pretty ribbon Oakley Rabatt, they are sure to delight anyone. Prices starting at $3.

3. Christmas Ornaments. An exquisite hand blown Christmas ornament becomes a keepsake gift. Beautiful reproductions and charming vintage ornaments are equally well received. Prices start at $8.

4. Knock. Knock. Attractive reproduction brass doorknockers crafted in Italy add elegance to any entrance. With styles to suit Arts & Crafts to Georgian to contemporary homes, there is one to complement any home. Prices start at $30.

The following cures are recommended to protect prosperity, relationships and health: A 6-Tube Wind Chime is placed wherever the 5 Yellow is found, as 'moving' Metal reduces the negative effects of the 5 Yellow Earth. You can also place a brass Five Element Pagoda in this area filled with earth taken from near the home or office to lock the negative Earth energy up. Also place round objects.Other additional cures also recommended for controlling the negative influences of both 5 Yellow Earth and 2 Black Earth are as follows:Cures for 2 Black and 5 Yellow:

1. Knowledge is Power. Whatever the area of collecting - depression glass, blue and white pottery, silver, paperweights, toys or furniture of any period - there is a book to arm any collector for his or her next antiquing adventure. Look for pocket guides to slip in handbags during shopping excursions or more complete reference books for curling up by the fire. Prices start at $9.95.

5. Homemade Hostess Gifts. Antique stores are treasure troves of small dishes, teacups and plates in glass Oakley Sonnenbrille Günstige, ceramic or silver. All at affordable prices. Fill one up with your favourite candies, chocolates or home baking, wrap it in tissue paper, tie it with a bow and you have a one-of-a-kind homemade hostess gift. Prices starting at $4.

o In both the West and in the North, 6-Coins tied together with a red cord can be used to weaken #2 and #5 and to protect wealth, especially if this is the front door. A Solid Brass Ingot, Brass Dragons, or a metal statue of Kuan Kung Ray Ban pas chers, a Wealth God, can also be placed in either West or North to protect prosperity.o If the #2 or #5 is in a bedroom, a small heavy Brass Wu Lu can also be placed next to the bed. The Wu Lu is nicknamed 'the Giver of Life.' o Many practitioners feel the Salt Water Cure is the most effective cure for #2 and #5. Some practitioners use an open bucket while others suggest a 12 to 16 oz. urn with a perforated covering.

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